Years 9 to 12 Course Development Consultation

Please have your say through the surveys now open on Years 9 to 12 provision as well as structural considerations, which form the basis for renewal in Years 9 to 12 education in Tasmania:

Following the endorsement of the Years 9 to 12 Curriculum Framework, and the Teacher and Student Regional Forums 18-24 February 2020, these surveys provide an important opportunity to provide feedback which will inform course development through 2020 and 2021.

The draft Years 9 to 12 Assessment Framework, draft Years 9 to 12 Teaching and Learning Framework and draft Vocational Learning in Tasmanian Schools Framework are also now available on the Years 9 to 12 Project website, and surveys will open soon.


Survey for Years 9-12 Forum and Year 11 and 12 Moderation Day Course Consultation sessions Feedback

Survey on options papers