Years 11 and 12 – 2020 December Professional Learning Program – Save the Dates

Hear from leading educators and experts, engage with the Years 9 to 12 Project team, VET specialists and Curriculum Leaders, and be empowered to plan for the future.

Audience: All Years 9 to 12 School Leaders and Teachers including VET and Vocational Learning teachers

.Dates: The program will be partially mirrored across two pairs of days 3 & 4 and 7 & 8 December.This gives schools flexibility in when they engage. For example your school may engage on the 3 & 4 December or the 7 & 8 December (or alternatively the 3 & 8 December or 4 & 7 December).

Program: An online professional learning experience that explores three key themes for the Years 9 to 12 Project, including:

  • Why: the case for change – the evolving social, educational and global landscape told through the words of leading educators.
  • How: the levers for change – how the Years 9 to 12 Project is enabling transformation through structural approaches to curriculum, assessment and pedagogy, vocational learning (including VET), the use of data and workforce support.
  • What: the implications for delivery ? what change can look like at a school level for students, for teachers, and for school leaders; how newly designed courses support the big ideas that inform teaching, learning and assessment; how schools can be supported by the newly developed Vocational Learning Framework and associated Requirements and Guidelines; and how school communities can plan for personalised, customised and localised delivery suited to their unique context.

Meetings will be held online and will be recorded, where possible. Opportunities for school-based reflection and discussion will also be built into the program. Further details about this event will be forwarded in early Term 4.More information is available on the Years 11 and 12 website.