Transition Resources for Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools

Through discussions between DECYP principals, the Years 11 and 12 Extension Schools, 9-12 Curriculum and the Vocational Learning and Career Education teams, a collaborative project is being undertaken to provide resources in the form of short animated vignettes and accompanying posters to support student understanding of relevant information for Years 10 to 11 transition. The first phase of these resources has included a series of short animated vignettes and posters explaining the following:

  • What is the TCE?
  • What is the TCEA?
  • What is the ATAR?
  • What is VET?

These resources are intended to support secondary students to understand these key terms as they begin to transition to Year 11 and as a resource for career education programs. These resources can be found on the Anything Can Happen website under the title Transition Year 10-11 Resources.

Feedback will be sought about these resources and will be included in the development of further resources throughout the remainder of this year.For some additional resources to support student transition, check out our Career Insights (PDF, 8.57MB).

For further support and to provide feedback on these resources please email