Tranche 2

Course Development Phase

Course Development PhaseStatus
Course ConceptClosed
Course Development PlanningClosed
Public Consultation and RevisionClosed
Initial Course DevelopmentClosed
TASC Formal Review and FeedbackClosed
Course RefinementClosed
Public Consultation and RevisionClosed
Submission for AccreditationClosed
Further DevelopmentClosed
Newly AccreditedAwaiting accreditation response

*refer to Learning Area pages for updates for specific course development activity.

Critical Friends – Appointed April 2022

The role of a Critical Friend is: 

  • someone who has high-level subject matter knowledge and interest in the course under development
  • to extend and question thinking and to offer alternatives; and
  • support the work of the Curriculum Lead (CL) in the course development process.

For more information on the Terms of Reference and Role of a Critical Friend, including selection criteria, please read this document.

Course Development Update – HASS, HPE, Mixed Field and Technologies

The following Senior Secondary courses intended to be part of Tranche 2 will now be deferred to a later tranche as a result of resolving outstanding course development:

  • Sport and the Athlete 1
  • Athlete Development 2 and 3
  • Humans and History 1
  • History: Modern 3
  • History: Ancient 3
  • Studies of Religion 2 and 3
  • Transdisciplinary Projects 1, 2 and 3
  • Computer Science 3

To ensure continuity of pathways, Years 9-12 Learning are working together with the Office of TASC to seek an extension for the following existing courses:

  • Athlete Development 2
  • Outdoor Experiences 1
  • Outdoor Education 2
  • Outdoor Leadership 3
  • Modern History 3
  • Ancient History 3
  • You, Your Family and the Community 2
  • Making Moral Decisions 2
  • Exploring Issues in Society 2
  • Religion in Society 2
  • Studies of Religion 3
  • Student Directed Inquiry 3
  • Computer Science 3.