New courses for 2022

Three exciting new courses in Science and Technologies have been accredited by TASC.  Schools can begin to offer the courses for Year 11 and 12 students from 2022 onwards.

The courses are:

  • Science (SCC15122): A new Level 1 course providing opportunities to harness learners’ curiosity, wonder and interest biology, Earth and space science, physics and chemistry.
  • Transdisciplinary Science (TDS215122): A new Level 2 course providing a meaningful pathway for student’s interested in multiple science disciplines building on Australian Curriculum Science concepts and providing pathways to a range of current TASC Level 3 science courses.
  • Engineering Design (EDN215122): A new Level 2 course replacing the previous Engineering Design Level 2 course, redesigned to develop critical and creative thinking and processes that lead to imaginative solutions.

A pdf copy of the course documents can be accessed by clicking on the link above.

For more information:

  • Teachers and Leaders can access Professional Learning to support implementation of these courses through the upcoming Tas Ed Talks 2021.
  • Support resources for the delivery of Year 11 and 12 courses and programs to learners across Tasmania, will be available during the TAS Ed Talks in Dec 2021, through the Years 11 & 12 website.
  • Courses accredited from 2022 – information on the TASC website
  • about accreditation of senior secondary courses, see Course Accreditation on the TASC website.